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Our practice is geared towards the maintenance of the patient's oral health and creating an individualized treatment plan for every patient.

The dentition is restored to healthy function and aesthetics. We have a modern facility with latest equipment and we follow the finest sterilization techniques.

Our doctors are well trained and specialized in restoring missing teeth and teeth that are about to be lost with dental implants and traditional prosthesis. We restore damaged, carious, and unsightly teeth using porcelain crowns, porcelain laminates, and tooth colored fillings.

The periodontal health of the patient is cared for with careful diagnosis and it is treated with non surgical techniques such as root planning, gingival curettage, application of sub-gingival medications and maintenance by the doctors and licensed dental hygienists.

We have a very professional, caring and knowledgeable staff who can assist the patients in patient care, financial and insurance matters.



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